Turkish Airlines Terminal Terms of Use

Turkish Airlines Terminal Terms of Use

General Provisions


This Agreement defines rights and obligations about conditions relating with the access / usage of www.terminal.turkishairlines.com (“Website”) between Turkish Airlines and those who visit the Website, apply to programs and contests, participate the procedures (“Users”). It is therefore significant that you read and understand all the hereby text carefully.


Terminal is a digital platform where Turkish Airlines gathers all the work done in technology and innvovation area in one place. The Website headquarters is run by Turkish Airlines at the address below.


Türk Hava Yolları Yönetim Binası Atatürk Havalimanı, Yeşilköy, 34149 İstanbul, Türkiye
Company Registration Number: 75184-14968
Telephone: +90 212 463 63 63
Fax: +90 212 465 21 21

Email: terminal@thy.com


By accessing and using the Website, you agree the Terms of Use (“Agreement”) unconditionally and irrevocably.


The terms and conditions of this Agreement also apply when you use certain parts of the Website through other websites that provide partial or full access to the Website.


Users acknowledge that only legally allowed persons (especially the condition of being over the age of 18) can carry out the operations and activities that are meant to be carried out by the legal persons who have a mental competence in accordance with the law, and that minors can only operate through their legal representatives, otherwise Website administrators will not have any responsibility.


Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change and update this Agreement at all times.


Turkish Airlines reserves the right to block the access or use of the Website at any time without the need for any warnings or notices.


Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change or terminate the programs and contests on the Website, if it deems appropriate without any warning or warning at any time.




“Us/Company”: It refers to Turkish Airlines.

“Website”: It refers to www.terminal.turkishairlines.com website.

“Terms of Use/Agreement”: It refers to the rights and obligations between Turkish Airlines and everyone (“Users”) who visits the “Website”, applies to “Programs” and “Contests” attends procedures about conditions relating with the access / usage of the “Website”.

“Material/Materials”: It refers to software, programs, data, information and databases.

“Application”: It refers to the application made by the “User” in electronic form in order to participate in the announced projects or for the evaluation of their projects by filling out the “Application Form”.

“Startup/Entrepreneur”: It refers to real and/or legal entity whose information is included in the “Application Form” within “Website”, who fills out the “Application Form” and sends it online on their behalf and is a party to this Agreement by giving electronic approval.

“User”: It refers to real and/or legal persons who visit the “Website” for any reason and in any way.

“Application Form”: It refers to the electronic form which is sent to the “Company” by the “User” electronically and contains the personal, confidential and public information of the “User”.

“Program/Programs”: It refers to programs such as “Terminal Startup Program”, “Invest On Board”, “Developer Portal” which are executed by Turkish Airlines.

“Terminal Startup Program”: It refers to the program carried out by Turkish Airlines in order to be inspired by new generation startups, test its products and services, develop potential collaborations and contribute to the startup ecosystem.

“Invest On Board”: It refers to the program carried out by Turkish Airlines in order to support startups finding investors by including their investor presentation videos in the in-flight screens.

“Developer Portal”: It refers to the program offered by Turkish Airlines its digital services (API) to developers within the scope of its open innovation strategy.

“Contest/Contests”: It refers to the contests such as Hackathon / Datathon / Ideathon organized by Turkish Airlines for the startup ecosystem in order to increase passenger experience or provide technological solutions to business processes.


User Obligations


The online services of the Website are provided solely to enable you to use the products and services provided to you through the Website. The Website may only be used in accordance with the Agreement and for the legally permitted purposes described. In particular, you declare that you accept the following:


1. The Website may not be used in a way that may violate the property rights of others.

2. No devices, mechanisms, software or other scripts that may interfere with the operation of the Website can be used. This includes uploading infected files.

3. No transaction can be performed which is unreasonable and may create an overload on the Turkish Airlines infrastructure.

4. Content created by Turkish Airlines cannot be blocked, overwritten or modified, or the Website cannot be blocked in any way.

5. The information on the Website cannot be copied for commercial purposes.

6. Any form of unauthorized access or attempt to our networks is prohibited.

7. Access to and use of the Materials via and through the Website is at the sole risk of the User. Turkish Airlines makes no warranties, commitments or representations about the reliability, stability or virus-freeness of such software.


Personal Data


Detailed information on the processing of your personal data is contained in the Terminal Data Protection Disclosure Text.

Detailed information about the cookies is included in the Cookie Lighting Text.




Turkish Airlines attaches importance to the protection of personal data. All reasonable precautions are taken to protect the confidential information you transmit to us using the Website and to protect this information from unauthorized access. Despite the measures taken, it is not guaranteed that unauthorized access to this information will never occur. Turkish Airlines will not be liable for such unauthorized Access unless it is the result of our severe fault only.


Other Websites


The Website contains links to other websites or web pages that are not established, operated or edited by us for your convenience only. Similarly, there may be other websites or web pages with links to the Website that have been established, operated or edited by third parties. The use of these sites or pages is subject to the terms and conditions set by the relevant third parties who set up, operate or edit this website or page.


Linking to such sites or pages through the Website does not constitute a guarantee given by us for the products and services offered by these sites or pages. All disputes arising from the products and services provided by such sites or pages will be resolved between you and the relevant third party who establishes, operates or organizes such sites or pages. You agree that we assume no liability for the use of such sites or pages. Due to such a situation, no claims can be made by us, our affiliates or our affiliates.


Rights and Liabilities


The ownership of the Website belongs to us and / or our suppliers and is operated by the same people. The intellectual property rights, including copyrights regarding the trademarks on the Website and our trademarks and brands in that material, belong to us and / or our licensors and / or suppliers.


We regularly check the Website to ensure that the information on the Website is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, despite all our efforts, occasionally there may be cases where the information on the Website has become outdated due to actual events. The information available on the respective services may differ from the information displayed on the Website. Information, services, or products, whether or not linked, including, but not limited to, those displayed on the Website, or warranties regarding the status, quality, performance, commercial availability, timeliness, or fitness for a particular purpose of the Materials. No warranty or commitment is made, either express or implied, regarding its effect on the product. Such warranties or commitments will be expressly rejected to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Terminal Startup Program General Procedures and Principles


1. “Entrepreneur” can apply to the Terminal Startup Program by filling and approving the “Application Form” on the “Website”.

2. The “Entrepreneur” accepts, declares and undertakes that the personal information they transmit through the “Application Form” is correct. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to request additional information and documents regarding this information.

3. “Entrepreneur” accepts, declares and undertakes that if the information they transmit with the “Application Form” changes, they will update such information and they will be responsible for all damages, expenses and liabilities that may arise due to not updating the information.

4. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to share the information conveyed by the “Entrepreneur” with the “Application Form” to the “Terminal Startup Program” during the evaluation phase, if necessary, with third parties.

5. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to whether or not include any startups applied by the “Entrepreneur” in the Program for any reason.

6. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to use information on the startup, logos and brands, and names and photographs of the “Entrepreneur” in printed and digital communication channels.


7. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to communicate with the “Entrepreneur” through any means of information and publicity via e-mail, telephone, SMS and similar communication tools.

8. “Entrepreneur” accepts and undertakes that all responsibility belongs to them if the startup they present to Turkish Airlines violates the Law of Intellectual Property Rights or the rights of third parties. “Entrepreneur” accepts, declares and undertakes that they are the addressee of any demand to be submitted to Turkish Airlines within the scope of the Law of Intellectual Property and if Turkish Airlines suffers from any damage in this regard, they will cover all the damages in question in the first request and in cash.

9. “Entrepreneur” accepts that they cannot use brands and logos of Turkish Airlines and Turkish Airlines’ products outside of the written approval of Turkish Airlines.

10. “Entrepreneur” accepts, declares and undertakes that they have knowledge of these Principles regarding their application, they accepted the Principles in question by forwarding their application, by approving and accepting the fore-mentioned conditions electronically, the electronic records, commercial books and records of Turkish Airlines, the electronic media records and data of Turkish Airlines will be accepted as a definitive evidence in the eye of administrative or judicial bodies in case of disputes arising from these Principles.

11. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to unilaterally make the changes it wishes in the criteria for evaluating startups, the content and conditions of the What We Provide to Startups specified on the Website, and the terms and conditions related to the Terminal Startup Program processes and post-program processes.

12. Turkish Airlines reserves the right to terminate the Terminal Startup Program at any time without any obligation, without giving any reason.




This Agreement, your use of the Website or the Materials available on or downloaded / accessed from the Website and disputes and claims arising from or related to them, shall be governed by the Republic of Turkey laws and will be reviewed in accordance with the same laws. You agree to submit such disputes and claims to the jurisdiction of the Istanbul Bakırköy Courts. We reserve the right to bring legal cases to the courts of the country in which you reside or use the Website.


In cases where the Agreement is translated into other languages than Turkish and there is any inconsistency between the Turkish version and the translation of the Agreement in any language, the Turkish version of the Agreement will prevail.