What is Terminal?

As Turkish Airlines, we are among the leaders of the industry by administering our innovative culture with a grand vision for a sustainable future since the very first day of our organization. We believed that the future will be redefined by technology, and the technology can be improved with the Ecosystem. Therefore we launched Terminal.


Terminal is a digital platform where we combine all the work we do in the field of technology and innovation in one place. We gather next generation startups and all technophiles in Terminal, redefining the future of travel together.

What’s in the Terminal?

Terminal Startup Program

Our unique startup program inspires next generation startups, tests their products and services, develops potential collaborations, and contributes to the startup ecosystem.

Startups can reach Turkish Airlines quickly via a single channel and have the opportunity to develop joint projects with this program. They can design their projects according to the needs of the industry by receiving guidance from the experts at Turkish Airlines or other companies/sectors. As part of the Terminal Startup Program, the startups we support can scale their new projects globally by discovering new markets with the airline tickets we provide them with.

Invest On Board

The program supports entrepreneurs in finding investors by playing startup pitch videos on the in-flight entertainment screens. Startups can upload these video clips presenting their projects and ideas for investors through www.investonboard.com. Therefore, they can let the potential investors traveling with Turkish Airlines contact them.

Developer Portal

The program provides developers with our digital services (API) within the scope of our open source innovation project. Developers can test and use our digital services on the developer.turkishairlines.com website.

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