Turkey National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Released 2021-2025

Turkey National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Released 2021-2025

“National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2021-2025”, which was prepared in cooperation with the Presidency of the Digital Transformation Office and the Ministry of Industry and Technology and with the active participation of all relevant stakeholders, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2021-2025 was introduced with a wide audience at the launch event held in Informatics Valley.

With the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (AIZS), which is the first national strategy document of our country in the field of artificial intelligence, Turkey has taken its place among the countries that have published the artificial intelligence (AI) strategy.

A participatory approach was adopted in the preparation process of the strategy; A comprehensive study was carried out with the contributions of many stakeholders such as public institutions, academia, private sector organizations, professional organizations and international organizations.

The Strategy, whose vision is to “generate value on a global scale with an agile and sustainable artificial intelligence ecosystem for a prosperous Turkey”, has been designed around 6 strategic priorities.

  1. Educating Artificial Intelligence Specialists and Increasing Employment in the Field
  2. Supporting Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  3. Expanding Access to Quality Data and Technical Infrastructure
  4. Making Arrangements to Accelerate Socioeconomic Adjustment
  5. Strengthening International Cooperations
  6. Accelerating Structural and Workforce Transformation

Within the scope of these strategic priorities, 24 objectives and 119 measures were determined.