New Technologies Used in Diagnosis of Coronavirus

New Technologies Used in Diagnosis of Coronavirus

While the coronavirus epidemic continues its impact globally, studies are conducted on many methods for diagnosing the disease. We have gathered some studies for coronavirus diagnosis in various parts of the world.

A group of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University released an early stage application that they claimed was able to detect the virus only by performing sound analysis. This application which was presented as the fastest and cheapest method that can be used, can detect the disease by analyzing voices of people.

MIT researchers can monitor people’s movements, sleep patterns, and even breathing exchanges thanks to a box-like hardware installed in homes, so they can detect differences in people living at home. It uses artificial intelligence technology to understand the differences in hardware behavior, which uses wifi signals to detect movements.

A research team that continues their studies at Northwestern University, has developed a new wearable device that can track a person’s Coronavirus symptoms. This device is placed in the throat of people and is used to detect the disease from cough thanks to the sensors inside.