New AI Tool Predicts Who’ll Die From COVID-19

New AI Tool Predicts Who’ll Die From COVID-19

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen have developed an AI tool that can predict who’ll die from COVID-19 with up to 90% accuracy.

The researchers fed the system health data from almost 4,000 COVID-19 patients in Denmark to train it to find patterns in their medical histories.

The tool determined whether an uninfected person who later catches the virus will die from the disease with up to 90% certainty. It also predicted whether someone who’s admitted to hospital with COVID-19 will need a respirator with 80% accuracy.

Professor Mads Nielsen of the University of Copenhagen said the tool could help identify who to prioritize for vaccines and how many respirators a hospital will need:

We are working towards a goal that we should be able to predict the need for respirators five days ahead by giving the computer access to health data on all COVID positives in the region. The computer will never be able to replace a doctor’s assessment, but it can help doctors and hospitals see many COVID-19 infected patients at once and set ongoing priorities.

The system also analyzed which health factors would likely lead a COVID-19 patient to die or need a respirator.