Initiatives Performed at IATA AIR Think Tank Program

Initiatives Performed at IATA AIR Think Tank Program

Initiatives Performed at IATA AIR Think Tank Program

Şubat 2020

Within the scope of AIR Think Tank program in Abu Dhabi, including representatives of 11 airlines that are members of IATA Airline Industry Retailing (AIR), initiatives that offer products and services in the field of aviation, travel and tourism were evaluated.

Briefly speaking, AIR Think Tank is a thought group including strategic thought leaders across the aviation industry, working together to develop new initiatives that can set standards that will shape the future of airline retailing.

The initiatives evaluated in the AIR Think Tank, where Travel 2.0 was shaped and innovations in the aviation field were discussed;

360VUZ, A mobile application that you can follow an event, conference, seminar etc. in any location by 360 degree view giving a feeling to the user as if she is in that environment instantly.

ArrowLabs is a workforce management solution developed to increase operational efficiency across companies’ processes and workflows. This system supported by machine learning can access mobile and wearable devices. In addition to that, its suggestion engine provides virtual assistance and data analysis to increase reporting, resource management and operational efficiency.

Ottogee is an artificial intelligence supported suggestion platform that can collect personnel data in a cloud-based infrastructure instantly thanks via smart wearable products and mobile devices. It provides reporting and operational efficiency optimization.

SafarPass is the platform that provides companies to view and save costs per team and per person by offering special prices for business trips.

Stayopper is a mobile application that allows users to pay for their accomodations in hour basis at contracted hotels in the United Arab Emirates.

TPConnects is an initiative that provides advanced IT solutions for Agents such as B2B, website, mobile application and GDS.