Early Earthquake Warning

Early Earthquake Warning

It seems that the earthquake that we experienced in recent days will take place in our agenda for a long time. The precautions to be taken before the earthquake, the actions to be taken during the earthquake are among the issues that occupy everyone’s mind. Well, if we knew before there was an earthquake …

The MyShake application, developed by the University of California, sends notification to your mobile phone before an earthquake. How does this work? The application is based on real-time data from sensors located throughout the city. The sensors detect the primary waves (not felt by humans) that occur at the beginning of the earthquake. In this way, the mobile phone can send instant notification that there will be an earthquake. It is possible to be aware of the earthquake before the secondary earthquake waves that can cause damage and felt after seconds.

MyShake can send alerts for earthquakes over 4.5. The application, which can send notifications on average 17-18 seconds before the earthquake, can notify up to 60 seconds depending on its proximity to the epicenter of the earthquake.