2021 Airline Digital Trend Report

2021 Airline Digital Trend Report

The Covid-19 pandemic process had a devastating effect in many sectors, including the aviation industry. Digitalization gained momentum as the crisis was dislodging the stones in aviation. Digitalization in the aviation industry has brought developments in digital solutions and content.

In the 2021 Airline Digital Trend report published by Diggin Travel, 2021 expectations were discussed. The report included the predictions of the leading digital leaders of the aviation industry.

The 12 areas identified by digital leaders are as follows;

Improving customer service

  • Rebuilding confidence, driving demand and ancillary revenue
  • Providing flexibility and removing friction
  • Creating new digital habits and a touchless, contactless journey
  • Growing your own digital platforms and direct distribution
  • Self-servicing, biometrics and automation
  • Digital DNA, design thinking, digital product development
  • Leveraging data & analytics
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Digital bothism (doing more with less, maximizing marketing ROI)
  • Personalization
  • Evolution from user experience (UX) to digital experience (DX) to omni-channel customer experience (CX)