We Fly with Data


Rediscover aviation with big data and machine learning technologies and take your place among the data scientists who lead the industry at Turkish Airlines Travel Datathon 2021, which will be held online between 27 July and 20 September as part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival

Datathon Calendar

1 June

Application Start Date

12 July

Last Application Date

27 July-20 September

Travel Datathon 2021

25 September

Final Presentations


First Team

Business Class International Flight Ticket

Second Team

Business Class Flight Ticket to Europe

Third Team

Economy Class Flight Ticket to Europe


Cloud Providers

Bulut Sağlayıcılar

Place and Time


Travel Datathon 2021 / 27 July – 20 September 2021




Final Presentations/ 25 September 2021

Ataturk Airport Yesilkoy/ISTANBUL