Terminal Startup Accelerator Program Alumni are on air at Invest On Board! ✈️

Terminal Startup Accelerator Program Alumni are on air at Invest On Board! ✈️

Our Startups Are In The Sky

Turkish Airlines continues to support the startup ecosystem. Successful startups from our ecosystem meet investors from different parts of the world through Invest on Board. The investor community and innovative startups come together on Turkish Airlines in-flight entertainment screens.

What is Invest On Board?

Invest On Board is a platform where the investor pitches of the startups are displayed on the in-flight entertainment screens, providing an opportunity to meet global investors during the flight.

If you would like to watch the startup pitches on the platform and get more information, please visit www.investonboard.com/discover web site.

You can also use the “Apply” button if you want to present your startup to the investment network in the sky with Invest on Board.

Videos of the Terminal Startup Accelerator Program alumni startups are now live.

The investment pitches of the first alumni of the Turkish Airlines Terminal Startup Accelerator Program have been available on our in-flight entertainment screens since May. If you wish, you can watch these videos on our screens during the flight and on the website below.

A mobile application and platform that engages green-collar employees in companies with gamification fiction designed to reduce carbon emissions and report the impact online.

A human-centred clothing startup that increases the accessibility of technology by developing textile-based sensors that collect data on the skin.

A startup that produces wearable, industrial exoskeleton systems that prevent musculoskeletal disorders in people working in physically repetitive jobs.

A SaaS software that allows you to design digital screens in any way you want, create an unlimited number of screen groups and manage them from a single centre, and work with all smart devices with content management.

A SaaS software that segments the movement of visitors to websites and mobile applications based on location, demographics and behaviour, taking immediate action to deliver the most relevant offers to visitors.

A software application that transforms customer interactions with brands into digital memories on the blockchain, enabling brands to create a new generation of loyalty programmes through these memories.

It is a platform where you can rent products from people and brands and earn money by renting the items you have.

A health and fitness application that motivates individuals to move more and live healthier lives, while providing opportunities for partner companies to offer promotions, loyalty as a service, alternative marketing channels and gamification.

A digital platform that performs predictive analysis and maintenance based on artificial intelligence, supported by a digital twin structure, to increase the efficiency of assets and personnel in production, energy, facility management and maintenance operations.