Tech Industry Gathers at CES 2024!

Tech Industry Gathers at CES 2024!

CES 2024, one of the world’s largest technology events, took place from January 9 to 12. At the Event, with the participation of leading technology companies, hundreds of new technological products were introduced to visitors. The event, which attracted the interest of more than 135,000 visitors from 150 different countries, featured 1,400 technology startups, including entrepreneurs from Turkey. CES captured the attention of visitors with a wide range of topics, from hair dryers using infrared light to coffee machines that produce their own water from the air, holographic teleconferencing devices to artificial intelligence that “translates” baby sounds into spoken language. In this blog post, we have compiled the innovative products and important topics showcased at CES for you:

AR and Beyond

Next-generation hologram technologies, augmented reality glasses, and virtual reality technologies were showcased at CES. As an example, the Holobox can be mentioned, a product produced by the venture Holoconnects, enabling video calls using live holograms. Additionally, various new XR products were presented at CES, such as the Spatial VR headset produced by Sony and the AR glasses named AirVision M1 produced by Asus. A common observation in these products is the reduction in the size of the technology used compared to the past, accompanied by more stylish designs.

İnnovative Designs

Innovative Designs: Various interesting products and designs found their place at CES this year. An example of this is a palm-sized device produced by Timekettle X1. This device translates dialogue between two people in real-time during conversation, essentially taking on the role of a translator. With a screen that automatically generates transcripts, this device also provides voice translation through headphones.

Another intriguing product is the in-car gaze tracking system produced by Bosch. This system monitors your eyes while driving, tracks signs of fatigue, and can connect to your coffee maker at home to ensure your coffee is ready when you arrive.

Another interesting product this year is the binoculars named Swarovski Optik AX Visio. With this binoculars, you can instantly learn the species of the animals you are observing. Equipped with artificial intelligence that recognizes over 9000 bird species, this smart binoculars also has a camera function for taking photographs.

Cutting Edge Home Appliances

Various technological home appliances also took the spotlight at CES. From home systems by Ultrahuman that track factors like light, air quality, humidity, and sound in your home to a coffee machine that produces its own water from the air’s humidity, many intriguing home products were presented at CES. An example of these products is the automatic grill machine named Perfecta. This smart oven automatically cooks the placed food, optimizing the cooking process. Another interesting product comes from L’Oréal. The new hair dryer from L’Oréal, called AirLight Pro, dries your hair using infrared rays. Designed inspired by the earth drying after rain, this hair dryer dries your hair in 30% less time with less energy.

AI, AI and AI

Artificial intelligence, one of the rising technologies of our era, was undoubtedly a significant focus at CES. For instance, Volkswagen announced that models such as Passat, Tiguan, Golf, and all electric vehicle models will now be produced with ChatGPT support. This means that the voice assistants within these vehicles will operate with ChatGPT support. Another interesting artificial intelligence product is Capella. This product “translates” your baby’s sounds to understand whether they are happy, uncomfortable, or tired, and notifies you accordingly. Capella claims an 85% accuracy rate in these predictions (human predictions are around 30%). Another intriguing product is the Sound Drive, a sound system that adjusts your music based on the pace of your journey, ensuring that the music you listen to in traffic differs from the music you enjoy when speeding on the highway.