State of AI Report 2020 is Published

State of AI Report 2020 is Published

The third annual report of 176 slides has been published, written by Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth, two of the most active angel investors in AI startups in the UK. The report details where organizations are within the AI journey and provides a comprehensive look at how they are implementing AI within their business — from the types of data they leverage to the tools they use and budgets they have. For readers who might be in the middle of their own AI projects, this report helps them understand the broader context of their work, what their peers are experiencing, and what dials to turn for AI success.

State of AI Report 2020 features invited contributions from a range of well-known and up-and-coming companies and research groups. The Report considers the following key dimensions:

Research: Technology breakthroughs and capabilities.

Talent: Supply, demand and concentration of AI talent.

Industry: Areas of commercial application for AI and its business impact.

Politics: Regulation of AI, its economic implications and the emerging geopolitics of AI.

Predictions: What we believe will happen and a performance review to keep us honest.