Softtech Technology Reports 2021

Softtech Technology Reports 2021

In order to evaluate the technology trends that are expected to rise in the coming years, the “2021 Technology Report” prepared by Softtech under four main headings: “Future of Technologies”, “Financial Technologies”, “Sectors, Digitalization and Human”, “Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem” was published.

Years of predictions in technology

According to the technology radar in the report, between 2020 and 2023, which is called the Mobile Device Period; While 5G, edge artificial intelligence, voice assistant, virtual workspaces, remote working, monitoring technologies, instant pinpoint delivery, sustainability and environmental issues come to the fore, artificial intelligence colleagues, digital nomads and autonomous vehicles come to the fore between 2023 and 2028. In the years 2028 to 2036, smart cities, digital business, quantum artificial intelligence and basic income are on the radar. Artificial company, humanoid artificial intelligence, digital reality, augmented human and human life issues emerge.

An article written by GPT-3 is also included in the report.
The most innovative content of the 2021 Technology Report is GPT-3, the current endpoint of artificial intelligence that has entered our lives with its advanced language processing capability. The Augmented Reality article, written by the GPT-3 technology, which can produce text with artificial intelligence, introduced by the San Francisco-based OpenAl company in May 2020, gives readers an idea of ​​where artificial intelligence can go. GPT-3 enables many scenarios that were not possible before, both with the conversations it creates and with successful articles. By introducing this technology and initiating an initiative to find a usage area, Softtech realized a successful GPT-3 Hackathon in February in cooperation with OPEN AI. SoftTech scenario will produce the software developers still aims to be a pioneer of innovative technologies in Turkey.

Robots won’t take away people’s workforce

In 2025, the number of people and robots working in the business world is expected to equalize. With the increasing use of robots in the business world, it is predicted that a total of 85 million jobs will disappear in 26 major economies and 97 million new jobs will be created by 2025, while 50 percent of the total employment will become working from home.

Work from home pandemic period rate reached 70 percent in Turkey

Digital nomadism is added alongside many new terms that have entered our lives with the pandemic. Wherever in the world, the term we can define as continuing your business in another city via online channels, traveling and remotely, will be the working model of the new generation and the future. According to the report, which emphasizes that many national and international companies are making preparations for the digital nomadic way of working; 19 percent of Generation Z, 42 percent of Generation Y and 22 percent of Generation X are among the digital nomads. Turkey is also the home of the pandemic period, 70 percent work rate, our country supports digital nomadism will become widespread.

Entrepreneurship will also be the main approach for institutions

It is pointed out that the efforts and ambitions of institutions to cooperate with initiatives, support them with incubation and acceleration programs, invest, purchase and create internal initiatives are inevitably increasing. One of the most important reasons for this is the growth achieved by the enterprises and the resulting financial valuation reaching levels that will affect the country’s economies.