Softtech 2022 Technology Report

Softtech 2022 Technology Report

The “Sotftech 2022 Technology Report”, which we prepared to reveal the impact of technology trends on human life from different perspectives and to evaluate their usage areas, has been published. The report includes predictions, evaluations and recommendations on when future technology trends will hit the radar in the coming years and how big their impact will be.

In the report prepared for the 5th time this year; Technology trends and developments were evaluated under four main headings: “Future of Technologies, Financial Technologies, Environment, Human and Digitalization and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem”.

What Stands Out on the Technology Radar?

Prepared with a foresight until 2080, Technology Radar deals with business life, artificial life, digital life and physical life with a forecast in 4 different dimensions. While remote working and digital nomadism in business life continue to be on the radar in the near future, it is predicted that organizations without employees will be implemented by 2030 for artificial companies that are expected to be in the digital era phase.

Technology Radar also states that after the 2040s, no mobile device will be needed to communicate with another person, and body-to-body communication will be possible thanks to wearable invisible technologies.

Senses Will Go Digital in the 2030s

In the Future of Technologies section of the report, many topics such as artificial intelligence, quantum computers, blockchain, wearable technologies, web3 and digital identity applications stand out. According to the report, while it is estimated that the studies on artificial intelligence in technology will come to the fore more and more in 2022, it is shared that the commercial use of quantum computers and quantum machine learning will be critical for future technologies.

It is stated that by the 2030s, it will be possible to experience similar experiences in the physical world, with digital sensory interaction, in smell, taste and thoughts.  According to this prediction, it is stated that it will be possible to smell it before buying perfume from an e-commerce site, and to breathe the smell of the sea as if you are at a beach while you are at home and feel the moisture of the sea on your skin.

Cash will not be preferred in 2040

In the financial technologies section of the report, many topics are discussed in a wide range, from banking systems to digital banks, from new generation investment applications to cryptocurrencies. While it is predicted that blockchain systems will come to the fore in global banking, it is predicted that concepts such as digital wallet will be used more in the new year.

Along with all these developments, it is emphasized that the use of cash will be seen as a rare and not preferred method on a global scale by 2040.

Obstacles Will Disappear in the Metaverse World

In the Environment, People and Digitalization section of the report, the use of the concept of sustainability in different fields stands out. It is pointed out that the post-pandemic business life and preparations for new crises, the concept of sustainable energy, sustainable trade, the effects of remote and hybrid work on people and sectors will occupy a wider place on the agenda of many countries today, where the effects of the climate crisis continue.

Metaverse is expected to be one of the most prominent issues in the digitalizing world in the coming years. It is envisaged that stores will quickly take their place in the metaverse world and experiences will be redesigned. It is reported that many obstacles encountered in the physical world will cease to be an obstacle in this new world.

Successful Entrepreneurs Will Continue to Grow the Ecosystem

In Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, the fourth and final title of the 2022 Technology Report, developments in the entrepreneurial ecosystems of China, Silicon Valley, Europe and Turkey are discussed.

According to the Turkey Entrepreneurship Ecosystem evaluation, in 2021 Turkey stepped into a new era with successful entrepreneurs. The development of angel investments and VC (Venture Capital) investment activities drew attention. With Turkey’s first unicorns, the increase in investment amounts from 2020 to 2021 was over 1,000 percent. According to the report; The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of the offline economy, making tech companies even more important. The actions of entrepreneurial ecosystems today will help determine how they will position themselves on the global stage tomorrow. If Turkey can maintain this momentum, it is predicted that it will continue to rise in the lists of global entrepreneurship ecosystems.