Share Based Crowdfunding

Share Based Crowdfunding

We have good news from the venture ecosystem. The Share based Crowdfunding statement was published in the official journal and entered into force. What is Crowdfunding? It is a project or initiative that is financed by a group of people via the Internet. In Turkey , currently , there are three types of Crowdfunding platform .

  • Reward Based Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Donation Based Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Share Based Crowdfunding Platforms

Share based Crowdfunding in Turkey, is a type of funding that will allow small investors to invest in the entrepreneurs. There are many definitions, expressions and mixed texts in the official statement. However, the simplest definition can be made; an entrepreneurial company applies to a platform (the institution between the entrepreneur and the investor), initiating a campaign and investors can invest on this campaign. Then, under certain conditions, the entrepreneur can grow his company with that investment.

Who can reach the investors through this platform?

  • Initiatives engaged in technology and / or production activities
  • Initiatives established in the last 5 years
  • Initiatives with registered websites that are regularly monitored and controlled
  • Initiatives that are below the size that may be listed on the stock exchange by size

How much and how can you invest as an investor? As a normal citizen, you can invest up to 20,000 TL. But there are exceptions, for example, if you document your income, you can invest 10% of your income. However, your investment amount is still limited to a maximum of TL 100,000. By the end of the day everyone will be able to invest on initiatives as they invest on stock shares.