Record Investment at Big Bang 2019

Record Investment at Big Bang 2019

Big Bang Startup Challenge, which is organized annually by İTÜ Çekirdek and among the Silver Stakeholders as Turkish Airlines, set a record this year.

20 initiatives that attend to Big Bang which is also Turkey’s largest entrepreneurship event with a total of 52 million Turkish Liras of investment was provided.

The initiatives to qualify for the final in Big Bang 2019 were as follows:

BulutKlinik: The initiative implemented by the founding staff who worked as a manager and software developer in the health sector offers end-to-end solutions for clinical management. As of today, they work with more than 700 clinics.

Car4Future Technologies: An energy sharing network developed with blockchain for electric and autonomous vehicles, the initiative allows electric vehicles to transfer their energy to other electric vehicles and recharging units.

Cleantex: Textile rental services initiative that provides an integrated, end-to-end textile management services, as Turkey’s first textile pool by providing a suitable quality and sizes for the needs of customers operating in different areas.

Earnado: It serves as a platform that provides a large number of online conversion services to small, medium-sized companies and scalable enterprises.

Ecording: It works as a social enterprise that develops technological methods to increase individual environmental awareness and offers environmentally sensitive solutions to the daily activities of people.

Fabrikatör: Provides services all around the Turkey for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to easily manage their production processes. As it is a cloud-based software solution, it enables manufacturers to access their data whenever and wherever they want.

Facilis Racing: The enterprise, which has made a strong entrance to the world motor market with the equipment it has developed, aims to gain 1 hour of earnings during the preparation of race vehicles on the track.

FonRadar: It serves as a fast and effective digital platform that brings together SMEs and financial institutions to meet the cash needs of SMEs.

Freight Basket: The companies participating in the Freight Basket platform can review the current freight and make service reservations and create demand for the service they need. This platform offers to save a lot of time and energy in the logistics industry.

Ludens Robo Advisory: It serves as a private investment management platform. It creates portfolios with smart algorithms based on a Nobel Prize winning financial method specifically for the users.

Meinox Pharmaceutical Technologies: This initiative, which develops and produces smart drugs, works for various cancer and malignancies.

MEŞK: For those who want to improve their music hobby but cannot allocate time for private lessons in today’s conditions, provides the opportunity to learn music independent from place and time.

MIPS: The initiative, which creates value for men who want to be a father and are curious about sperm health, developed the home sperm tester “Menlab”.

Parxlab: It provides more efficient parking points by processing the data from wireless, long-life sensors placed in the parking points and using the artificial intelligence technology to show the free parking points to the drivers and the data generated at the parking points to the enterprises.

SafeTech: The initiative, which developed the solution called OTShield that protects critical infrastructure facilities against cyber-attacks and operational threats.

Sensemore: The venture, which produces the world’s smallest wireless vibration sensor, delivers its product all over the world.

Stork Camper: It develops the mechanism and compatible modular living cabins designed for the backside of pick up vehicles which can be easily installed and removed by the user.

Torchit: The initiative joining the Big Bang from India, develops products to solve the basic requirements of the visually impaired. The Saarthi product developed by Torchit acts as a portable smart cane with smart detection, helping the visually impaired to identify the barriers in physical environments.

Torever: The initiative, which creates special travel plans for each tourist, offers detailed information about places to visit during travel.

XENTRON: The initiative, which launched the smart and connected vehicle platform, aims to be the most valuable partner of the automotive ecosystem.