Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Device

Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Device

Turkish Technic Innovation Center (Innaviation Center) has developed Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Device for aircraft lavatories.


Nowadays we acknowledge the fact that protecting ourselves from the virus in all aspects of our lives is essential. Precautions against viruses and virus-free enviroment for living is now as important as flight safety. Aircraft lavatories are one of the most common places that viruses and bacteria live and consequently has the highest risk of infection.


IATA surveys show that, most of the passengers are afraid to use lavatories due to the risk of possible viral scattering left from previous passenger especially in pandemic period.


What if lavatory sanitizes itself after every use?

Turkish Technic Innovation Center as a result of their studies through the pandemic period, developed a device that eliminates %99,99 of pathogens by ultraviolet light. The device with 254 nm wavelength self activates and sanitizes the lavatory when the lavatory door is closed and there is nobody inside.

The purpose of this study is to prevent the pathogens (microbe, bacteria, virus, fungi) carried to aircraft by potential carriers (passenger) from developing and spreading, and also to eliminate the microorganisms on the surfaces where passenger more likely to contact such as faucet, soap dispenser, toilet seat, mirror, door handle etc.

For this purpose the device is equipped with UVC light source which is extremely effective against pathogens and has precise and smart motion sensors. It is also well positioned to disinfect contaminated surfaces. Software of the device has been developed by Innaviation Center crew using domestic sources by running many tests.The device will never start when there is someone inside lavatory and it doesn’t have any buttons, all the processes are done automatically and it doesn’t require supervision.


Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Device with its compact design is suitable for all aircraft types and can be positioned into different places for each type of lavatories.


It can be introduced to lavatories in accordance with the aviation regulations or it can be carried only as a loose item.


We know that NASA uses UV-C technology to sanitize gloves and drinking water in spacecrafts. Now the same technology can be used with ease in aircrafts to disinfect the aircraft from pathogens.
Aim of these studies are to provide safer and less anxious lavatory experience to passengers even after the pandemic period.