Instant Translation Smart Face Mask

Instant Translation Smart Face Mask

As face masks become more and more a part of your daily apparel, a number of companies are creating novel versions of them, like this 3D sculpted and printed one.

A Japanese startup, Donut Robotics, has developed a face mask that connects to the Internet to transmit messages and even translate from Japanese into. If that doesn’t have you running to buy a face mask, we’re not sure what will!

Donut Robotics’ mask is a white plastic “c-mask” that fits atop regular face masks. It’s then able to connect to a smartphone or a tablet application by using Bluetooth. The app then transcribes speech into text messages, makes calls, or amplify’s the user’s voice — something we’ve all struggled with because of muffled masked voices.

The fact that the mask can also translate the user’s message into eight languages is a fun and useful part as well. Currently, the languages include English, French, Mandarin, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese.