How Safe Are The Places That We Passed?

How Safe Are The Places That We Passed?

In this period, we are sure that one of the question that comes to everyone’s mind is; I wonder if I was with someone who carries the Coronaviruses. Even it seems that knowing the answer of that question is not literally possible, an application developed by MIT researchers has been developed for this.

Thanks to an application named by Private Kit: Safe Paths, learning whether you contacted with someone carrying Coronaviruses or not can be possible. So, how does this work? The application send notification to users who live in same area by using users’ locations and Coronaviruses test results. In this way, users whose have not had a test yet or have a negative test result, have opportunity to see whether he is being in same location with someone carrying Coronaviruses.

While many different countries maintains to develop their own solutions based on this application, there are some startups working upon this case in our country. You can find the trial version of the application for IOS and Android from here.