First NFT Flight Ticket

First NFT Flight Ticket

Air Europa announced that it has developed the world’s first series of NFT air tickets, called “NFtickets”, by collaborating with TravelX and Algorand.

Includes information that, with the purchase of NFTs titled “The Art as the Destination,” ticket holders will gain access to an exclusive Air Europa flight to Miami Beach on November 29 and America’s premier art show in Miami in December. NFTickets were created in a series of 10 in partnership with various artists and will be released every 14 days through TravelX’s auction platform.

“Innovation is in our DNA, we have been pioneers in applying new technologies within our industry and it cannot be different with NFTs, which could be the next step in the travel industry,” said Bernardo Botella, Global Sales Director at Air Europa. “We are proud to be the first airline to adopt blockchain technology for inventory management and distribution. We’re excited to see where this could take travel as a whole and how it could improve customer experience.”

“It’s very exciting to give birth to a new kind of NFT, minted on Algorands carbon-negative blockchain,” said Facundo Diaz, Co-Founder of TravelX. “We will blend the best of the traditional NFT, but add real-world application and experience. This provides a better flight ticket that travelers can easily manage and trade from their blockchain wallet, combined with a new kind of collectible art piece. We believe NFTickets will be the perfect fusion of art, travel, and technology.”

TravelX said that similar to traditional NFTs, NFTickets are individually rare and recorded on the blockchain. The company explained that a product owner can issue a matching airline ticket by offering NFT. NFTs are printed with Algorands carbon negative blockchain technology, which is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.