Artificial Intelligence Application That Creates Digital Artwork

Artificial Intelligence Application That Creates Digital Artwork

Would you like to meet an application that creates digital artworks in the style you want with just a few words? The artificial intelligence-supported application called Wombo Dream does exactly that.

Although intelligent humanoid robots often come to mind when we hear concepts such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, we now know that they mean much more than just rote knowledge. From the social media applications we use to e-commerce platforms, from games to health services, there are touches of artificial intelligence.

Moreover, as artificial intelligence and machine learning develop, interesting applications and projects continue to appear. For example, writing newsworthy texts or producing works of art like him after examining and ‘learning’ all the works of an artist; There are even artificial intelligences that compose. Another example of machine learning from this category is an application; Wombo Dream.

A few words turn into works of art in a matter of seconds:

After typing the words you want using machine learning, Wombo Dream turns them into digital visual art in just a few seconds. Ortaya oldukça soyut ve etkileyici eserler çıkaran uygulama, bunu yaparken bir nevi ‘araştırma’ yaparak arama sonuçlarından elde edilen görüntüleri kullanıyor. The resulting images change according to the chosen style and the detail/consistency of the words entered.

If you want to have your pictures drawn by artificial intelligence, you can download the WomboDream application.

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