11 Startups Presenting at QNBEYOND Demo Day

11 Startups Presenting at QNBEYOND Demo Day

The second term of the QNBEYOND Accelerator Program has ended with the demo day that took place online after about 7 months.

You can find all the details about the 11 startups that make presented on the 2nd Term Demo Day of the QNBEYOND Acceleration Program below.

Akıllı Param: Artificial intelligence Robo Consultant, helps you save money and earn better returns. Smart Money initiated the “first Robo Consultant with artificial intelligence for the stock market” with QNB Finansinvest, and “the first investment fund managed by artificial intelligence” with QNB Finansportföy, within the acceleration program.

ikas: It enables retailers to manage their physical and online stores from a single application. İkas that starting a business partnership with QNB Finansbank for Digital Bridge and receiving investment from QNBEYOND Ventures managed to triple its turnover within the acceleration program.

Kamion: Kamion is a digital logistics platform. It enables them to meet their land transportation needs quickly, safely and transparently for companies. Kamion that starting its activities within the acceleration program, received a lot of attention in its beta version and doubled the number of deliveries completed in two weeks.

Lagom: Lagom is a platform that provides cyber security and information management on data in different structures in distributed data sources. Lagom that QNB Finansinvest was one of the first customers in the acceleration program managed to increase the number of customers to three.

Midas: Midas app that you can invest in Turkish and American stocks without commission can share the stories of world famous companies. Midas that receiving the SPK license within the acceleration program and growing its team drew intense attention by opening the waiting list.

MindBehind: One of the customers of MindBehind, the chatbot creation software that works in integration with different platforms, was QNB eFinans. MindBehind that started a business partnership with QNB Finansbank for Digital Bridge focused on Conversational Commerce, that is, “Commerce by Talking”. The MindBehind platform has mediated 10 million customer meetings so far.

NavlunGO: Piple is a new generation workforce and team management tool that gathers communication, performance, planning and colobration features under one roof. Piple that launching two new products within the acceleration program managed to increase the number of users to 25 thousand.

Piple: Piple, iletişim, performans, planlama ve kolobrasyon özelliklerini tek bir çatı altında toplayan yeni nesil iş gücü ve ekip yönetim aracıdır. Hızlandırma programı içerisinde iki yeni ürün lansmanı yapan Piple, kullanıcı sayısını 25 bine taşımayı başardı.

Varco: Varco that serving as a digital wallet is a ‘neo-bank’ project that offers innovative solutions such as exchange of foreign currency at advantageous rates and spending without commission abroad. Varco that signing business partnerships with Param, Visa and AustriaCard respectively within the acceleration program continues its cooperation with QNB Finansbank on foreign currency exchange. It that started broadcasting as a closed beta managed to get users from 5 different countries in 5 days.

Workiom: Workiom that providing a cloud-based, easy-to-use and customizable data management platform for SMEs has a SaaS business model. It that reaching a recurring income of 3 thousand 300 dollars at the end of the acceleration program reached more than 112 customers and more than 3 thousand users.

YapıRadar.com: YapıRadar.com that a new generation digital information platform that facilitates trade between contractors and suppliers with the growth in the acceleration program, it managed to increase its turnover by 372 percent and the number of customers by 435 percent compared to the previous year.