Post Pandemic Travel Experience


It is crucial to respond promptly to the problems and the new expectations brought by the recent global Covid19 pandemic for the aviation industry. We launch our first Ecosystem call from the Terminal for the challenges that need to be overcome at the different stages of the air travel to provide our passengers with an exceptional, powerful, stress-free and delighted travel experience.


We look forward to witnessing your innovative technology projects to develop the post pandemic travel experience.


July 6-August 03

Application Process

August 03-06

Evaluation Process

August 14

AirPitch Days

August 18

Working Together

What is the Process?


The startups will apply to the “Post Pandemic Innovative Products and Services in Aviation” call via the Terminal website between July 6th- August 3th. After the evaluation, selected startups will be invited to the Airpitch Days, face-to-face meetings.


Successful startups that stand out with their product, business model and partnership potential will be accepted to the Terminal Startup Program and will start to benefit from it.