Deep Technology Entrepreneurship Report

Deep Technology Entrepreneurship Report

Deep technology entrepreneurship has a great potential to change both our country and the world. New discoveries and products to be developed in this field will not only contribute to the economy, but also increase our quality of life.

In this report, 10 thousand startups have been analyzed using databases in the field of entrepreneurship. These startups are classified according to six main technology wave and 12 main sectors.


  • Artificial Intelligence, Data and Image Processing
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR)
  • Autonomous Vehicles, Robots and Mechatronics
  • Industry 4.0 Internet of Things
  • New Materials and Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology

Main Sectors

  • Mobile and Telecomination
  • Consumer Products and Services
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Production and Building
  • Environment and Water
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Health