Accelerate@IATA’nın Düzenlediği Etkinlikte 6 Girişim Sahne Aldı

Accelerate@IATA’nın Düzenlediği Etkinlikte 6 Girişim Sahne Aldı

Havayolları ve girişimlere iş birliği ve proje geliştirme noktasında destek olan IATA’nın girişim hızlandırma programı Accelerate@IATA tarafından çevrimiçi olarak gerçekleştirilen etkinlikte 6 girişim sunum yaptı.

Özellikle salgın sonrasında seyahat deneyiminin her aşamasında yenilikçi çözümler sunan girişimlerin yer aldığı programı 70 farklı havayolu şirketinden temsilciler takip etti.

Etkinlikte sahne alan girişimler;

Iomob: Iomob is an innovative Mobility company that is leading the way in building the first and largest Marketplace for Ground Transportation. Iomob is building for Ground Transportation what Amadeus built for Airlines. Iomob aggregates the full range of public transit, private services (e.g. taxis and ride hailing) and shared services (e.g. e-scooters, bike sharing, carsharing), leverages proprietary multimodal routing and delivers a seamless door-to-door journey via an API or SDK that is implemented into existing enterprise mobility applications.

PXCom: PXCom creates Onboard Digital Services that both elevate the passenger experience and trigger monetization opportunities, including C19 inflight applications. Thanks to its technology, those digital services can be extended before and after the flight, to provide a full journey consistent experience. Some of their COVID-19 products include:

– Digitized flexible safety & hygiene cards, onboard shopping catalog, meals menu cards, inflight magazine

– In-Cabin Mobility Management for toilets queuing, overhead bin access and disembarkation process

VenueNext: VenueNext is a context-aware application that provides insights into guest behavior and control over its users’ entire ecosystem. VenueNext is a next-generation point-of-sale company transforming the way consumers shop, purchase, and pay. Their ecosystem of products combines physical and digital solutions to create a frictionless shopping experience, offering products such as point-of-sale solutions, online ordering, branded apps, and branded payments.

Immfly: Immfly designs, develops and manages in-flight digital services including connectivity, entertainment and retail options. With Immfly, airlines can simply and rapidly switch to in seat digital info, catalogues and ordering all easily accessible via customers’ phones. Reduce contact and increase crew and customer hygiene onboard. Improve inflight revenue opportunities and facilitate cashless sales. Instantly and remotely deploy updates across the entire fleet.

Bob.io: BoB’s innovative technological platform, connects key players in the travel industry (airlines, online travel agencies, handling agents, curriers, etc…) and offers passengers a frictionless travel experience by providing off-airport luggage check in service. BoB picks up customers’ luggage from any point in the city. Passengers then collect their bags at the destination airport.

Gladly: Gladly is a Radically Personal Customer Service Platform. Unlike legacy customer service platforms that are case centric, only Gladly is designed with people at the center and uniquely enables a single lifelong customer conversation from voice to modern messaging. Gladly powers some of the most innovative consumer companies like JetBlue, JOANN, and TUMI to deliver exceptional customer experiences and make customer service a competitive advantage.