The Top Trends in Tech

The Top Trends in Tech

McKinsey stressed that technology will reshape the healthcare, energy, transportation and a wide variety of other industries and fields, and that the next decade will experience more progress than the past 100 years combined.

Among technologies, new inventions, new products and new ways of doing business play a unifying role between industries and sectors. In order to develop a rapid Innovation and reach new areas, the mentioned 10 trends should be considered. The research was based on 7 sectors.We distilled seven cross-industry and three industry-specific trends based on prioritized Technologies, that could reshape the future of markets and industries in the next few decades

  1. Next-level process automation and process virtualization
  2. Future of connectivity
  3. Distributed infrastructure
  4. Next-generation computing
  5. Applied AI
  6. Future of programming
  7. Trust architecture
  8. Bio Revolution
  9. Next-generation materials
  10. Future of clean technologies